Texas Educational Solutions

Intensive Reading Intervention Study

Harlingen Consolidated ISD

During June 2014, Harlingen CISD piloted StudyDog reading in their summer program.
Below is the summary of the results achieved.

Students participated
Elementary schools
Time period
3 weeks
Lessons taken
Skill Growth
  • 53%
  • 85%

Effective Intervention for At-Risk Students

Effective Intervention for At Risk Students

In a controlled study, 25 students used StudyDog (Treatment Group) and 25 students used other ELA instruction (Control Group). Initially, all 50 students read at BELOW BASIC. 14 weeks later, the Control Group students were unchanged, but 92% of the Treatment Group (StudyDog) were reading at AT/ABOVE BASIC.

No Change

92% Increase

New Reading Intervention Strategy

Most schools address the K-2 reading gap. Some districts are moving “upstream” to reduce the “Not Ready for Kindergarten” statistic.

Students unprepared for Kindergarten

The Pocono Mountain School District (PA), as part of their plan to improve 3rd grade reading, concentrated on “soon-to-be-kindergarteners”. Initially, their “Not Ready for Kindergarten” statistic was 40%. By using StudyDog over the summer that number was reduced to 23%!

  • 40%
  • 23%