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Percent Increase in Reading Level

Virtual Reading Coach vs. Control Group

In a study of second graders in 2014, after an average of just 44 hours using Virtual Reading Coach during the school year, 72 percent of the students increased to the third grade reading level at the school implementing MindPlay. The control school only moved 37 percent of the students to the third grade reading level. Additionally, only six percent of the students in the MindPlay group remained at critical level (below 1st grade), compared with the control group who ended with 37 percent at the critical level.

37% Increase
72% Increase

Reading Grade Level Increase

Virtual Reading Coach Increase in 16 days

Over 16 days, for four hours each day, students split time between a focus on reading and a focus on math. During the reading portion, researchers determined that 78% of the students’ time was spent using MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach as it was intended to be used. Students with initial scores indicating a reading level of 5th grade 7th month increased to 7th grade 2nd month (an increase of 1.5 years). Students who started at or above 8th grade level increased to the 11th grade 2nd month.

Grade 5.7
Grade 7.2

Grade Level Increase in 10 Hours

Virtual Reading Coach vs. Control Group

When MindPlay’s Virtual Reading Coach was used for an average of 10 hours, students increased their grade level nearly five times, from 9 to 44 percent. Students gained nearly half a grade level in just 10 hours of usage, recording a .45 grade level gain.

9% Increase
44% Increase