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At Texas Educational Solutions, our goal is to provide the most effective, research-based software to assist educators in ensuring that no student is left behind.

Based in Texas for over 18 years, Texas Educational Solutions has become the recognized leader in customized “Response to Intervention” software solutions.


As your local Sole Source provider of award-winning, research-based software, we partner with educators across Texas to assist them in providing success for every student.

Recognized for unparalleled service, our commitment to determine the most effective software solutions starts the minute you contact us. Our team of professionals works with you to understand your students’ needs and to identify the most appropriate and cost-effective intervention software. Delivered by certified training specialists, we provide customized training services at various phases throughout the program to ensure effective implementation, knowledge transfer and best practices development.

Our software solutions for students at all ability levels have proven success records in districts throughout Texas. Computer-assisted instruction accelerates acquisition of knowledge and skills in a way that traditional instruction often falls short. Our technology provides consistent individualized instruction, progress monitoring and on-going assessments with embedded re-teaching opportunities. The impact of our carefully selected software will improve student success for those in Special Education, Dyslexia, ESL and Dual Language Programs as well as others not meeting adequate yearly performance.

Texas Educational Solutions has maintained a high degree of customer loyalty by consistently providing teachers with effective materials excellent training and unparalleled service.

Message from the President

Mary Kay Davis
Mary Kay Davis

As President of Texas Educational Solutions and as a retired educator my mission is to offer educators innovative and research-based intervention software which is cost-effective and which will ensure success for all students.
The demonstrated way to impact our Texas students is by using today’s technology in innovative ways for learning and instruction. Technology is the game-changer in the field of education that improves academic achievement and equity for all students. Technology-driven education challenges students to think critically and empowers each one to control their own success.
Knowing that technology plays a critical role in educational excellence, our TES consultants, also former educators, strive to help our Texas schools succeed and to enhance teacher effectiveness. The successful integration of technology evolves with our quality Professional Development to maximize the fidelity of software usage to increase academic achievement.
With the strength of our leadership in Texas educational technology, we are able to provide quality online curriculum instruction, assessment and data reporting which will level the playing field for all students.

Mary Kay Davis

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