RtI – What Assessment Works!

Sifting through the layers of reading assessments and intervention programs can be a daunting task for any educator trying to determine What Assessment Works with RtI!

Currently in Texas, we are ranked 38th in a 2015 NAEP Average Reading fourth-grade score comparison. To address this problem, our Texas education community must focus on all students to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in their reading skills, and create effective individualized data-driven learning plans.

MindPlay Universal Screener (RAPS 360), approved on the Commissioner’s List of Reading Instruments, does exactly that and more!  MindPlay Universal Screener is a fully computerized, comprehensive diagnostic reading assessment.  In just minutes, it tests and assesses basic reading skills for a single student, a classroom, an entire school, or a school district.

The Universal Screener targets instruction and provides educators with data to:

  • Identify underperforming students.
  • Analyze and group students for instruction and intervention according to individual needs.
  • Target instruction needed to improve skill acquisition and test scores.
  • Develop an individualized learning plan.
  • Measure progress to determine if remediation is successful.
  • Determine appropriate resources to assist students needing accelerated progress.
  • Set data-driven goals and match timelines to high stakes testing.
  • Provide continuous monitoring of student progress throughout the year

The Universal Screener collects diagnostic information about a student’s comprehension, fluency, listening comprehension, vocabulary, phonemic awareness, phonics and visual scanning.

MindPlay Universal Reading Screener (RAPS 360®) Student Subscription License (non-transferable)

Subscription Duration    Price Per License

    12 months                        $5.00

    46 Weeks                          $4.50

    40 Weeks                          $4.00

The Universal Screener may be used as part of the MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach program, or with any current intervention program.
Please contact us for more information or to schedule a demonstration.